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Newsletter #9 - Getting noticed at work (part 2)

I hope you liked and got some value from last week's newsletter as I certainly enjoyed writing it. If this is your first newsletter, please go checkout the archive at

This week the focus is on your mindset to get noticed, you’ll find most of this is about developing yourself as a person, however, people notice change a lot more than they notice status quo. If you are positivity developing it will stand out to people and then so will you. In addition, with mindset comes confidence which in turn helps your communication (part 1) and delivery, can you guess what next weeks newsletter is all about? 😊

Step 2 – Get the mindset you need

Get uncomfortable

The hardest one to start and the most rewarding to do. Most people, myself included, are scared or nervous about doing big presentations, talking on camera or trying new things. It’s completely normal but if you can get comfortable with being uncomfortable then you’ll be the person that takes the opportunities when they are presented rather than shy away.

Check out my posts below in the Social Media section but there is a huge value to you, and I know you’ll get great value from trying a live video. If you’re in the Facebook group do a live there as people won’t judge and we’re all on a similar journey

Take ownership

Stop thinking about what is in your job description or remit and start thinking of what needs to get done or the value to be delivered. If you see a bad process, then take ownership to work with the right people to get it sorted. Get known as the fixer!

Be curious

Having a positive attitude and asking why are great attributes to have. Firstly, you learn lots and secondly, it’s great to be around someone with a positive attitude and a genuine interest in what is going on and why. Once you know why, you can also provide valuable input to discuss as you know all the context

Help others and expect nothing back

‘Life is a boomerang, what you give, you get’

When you start to help others, you are providing more value than you can imagine. You provide a positive lift to the person or team you help, you show you’re willing to go above and beyond and that you’re a team player. There are more values you will also receive but these ones always stand out to me. Remember not to expect for something back, however, when you need help they will more likely offer help.

Ask for feedback, implement it and follow up

If you believe you’re going unnoticed at work the worst thing you can do is keep doing the same thing or maybe just work a little bit harder. You’ve all heard the saying

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Now, I’m not saying you’re insane, I barely know you, however you need to keep developing and often you can be your own worst enemy on knowing what needs to be done.

Go ask for feedback. You can do this as part of a 360 program or email people, however, where possible have real connections with people. Ideally talk with your line manager, their peers and also peers at the same level, however, be cautious of feedback from ‘competitors’ within your career path. Explain where you want to get to and why you’re asking for feedback and assistance. You will find many people love to help others as it’s a boost of ego that they are able to help and that you respect them enough to value their input.

Listen to the feedback and as always remember that whatever they say is true to them, it’s their perception and it doesn’t matter if it’s true, it’s true to them. This can be hard to hear but it’s important

Then go away, devise a plan to focus on improving what you’re good at and reduce your areas of weakness (areas of opportunity). Once you’ve done this, deliver that plan and continue to ask for ongoing feedback and course correction

All the above make you the person people want to be around, they make you “top of mind and tip of tongue”. You’re there go to person!

I hope you have liked the first 2 parts to this newsletter on getting noticed, the last one on delivery is coming next week, so keep an eye on your inbox and have a great week

If you liked this newsletter, please share and let you friends and colleagues know about it as I’d love to help more people!


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