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The Leadership Toolkit Series

Leadership challenges are ever growing.  From digital transformation, staff turnover and the need to do more with less.

For that reason we created the leadership toolkit series.  A series of webinars designed to provide leaders and future leaders with the tools they need to not just survive, but thrive in business.  Taking them, their teams and their organisation to the next level.

At Balanced Life we help businesses improve workforce performance, decrease staff turnover and healthcare costs, and become “employers of choice” by supporting an anti-burnout culture and employee wellbeing.

Check back regularly to see future webinars or get in contact to learn more.

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The Leadership Toolkit Series
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3.5 Steps to 31% Higher Productivity & an Anti Burnout Culture

​How to Improve Productivity and Employee Loyalty in the Peak of Burnout Culture.

Burnout is a very real problem for organizations. It costs billions in staff turnover and absenteeism, but organizations are often unaware or underestimate the factors that contribute to it.

Through a combination of research and presenting on-the-ground findings from real organisational and individual sessions, Dina and Jeremy will uncover:

What burnout really is, why it occurs, how you can avoid it and build an anti-burnout culture and become the 'employer of choice' by implementing 3.5 simple steps.

5 Key steps for Resilience in the Workplace

The resilience of our teams is being tested daily.

From Covid/WFH and childcare needs, to M&A, to the expectations from management to hit targets and keep the investors happy during these financially turbulent times.

It is no wonder that so many employees struggle.

We need to focus on Employee Resilience.

During the webinar we cover

  • Challenges for employees and employers.

  • The 5 steps leaders and organisation can take to reduce burnout, increase resilience and build a culture that delivers.

5 Secrets to overcome Imposter Syndrome in your team

Imposter Syndrome affects 70% of high achievers and especially those with perfectionist traits (often found in IT, tech, engineering and sciences)

Imposter syndrome can have extremely negative effects on the employees, potentially resulting in burnout, a lack of career growth and even depression, anxiety and social isolation. It's something too many have experienced first hand.

If one or several employees on your team are struggling with imposter syndrome, you’re not going to be getting the best out of them, and it can ultimate affect the entire team and their performance.

During this session we will break down:

  • What is imposter syndrome

  • As a leader, how can you spot the signs within your team

  • What are the 5 habits we can implement to reduce the impact and support our staff.

5 Secrets to imposter syndrome

How to halve the amount of meetings in your calendar

Ineffective meetings cost up to $399 billion in the us and $58 billion in the UK.


With most employees attend 62 meetings per month, where half of the meetings are a complete waste of time, something has to chance

Meetings are also a great way to absolve people of decision making and action, which leads to a full calendar.


That is why the focus this week is how to reduce the volume and duration of your meetings:


  • What are the causes of all the meetings?

  • How can we reduce how many we attend?

  • What stops an agenda item needing to be discussed AGAIN?

  • and much more.

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(Limited spaces remaining)
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