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Where High Performance

Meets Balance

Tailored programmes to create High Performing and Balance teams. Focused on employee engagement, retention and productivity

BalanceQ – The Future of Work, Personal Performance and Well-being

The Global Pandemic changed how everyone works. It’s also redefined sustained productivity, efficiency and wellbeing for employers and their workforce. 

Organisations are having to redefine the workplace to create and sustain an engaged, retained, and productive workforce of the highest effectiveness, and there has never been a more important time to address the concept of work-life-balance to save businesses money and maintain a healthier, more productive workforce, without the burnout and mental health issues.

Through our research amongst workforces from varying industries, the main triggers for burnout and overwhelm are: 

Our Programmes

Learn more about our transformation programmes.

BalanceQ - High Performance and Balance

6 or 12 month programme that scales from teams up to entire organisations.  Leveraging the power of short insights and habits to transform the personal and team wellbeing, productivity and engagement.

Using internal social media and collaboration tool to create an environment of development, community and a little healthy competition

  • Weekly habits and insights

  • Monthly deep drives, reflections and insights

  • Quarterly fun challenges

  • Regular scorecards and tracking

  • Support for individuals and teams

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BalanceQ - Leadership

3, 6 or 12 month programme for managers and leaders.


Leaders and Managers within organisations have the dual responsibility of focusing on their work and deliverables as well as their team members.  This also covers a duty of care for their team and themselves.

Focused on the tools to be successful, as well as improve their ability to support, retain and develop their team.

  • Monthly group coaching including tool and frameworks

  • 1-to-1 coaching

  • Regular scorecards and tracking

  • Support for their teams as needed

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The goal of our programmes for your organisation is to increase long term workforce productivity, engagement and performance, while reducing financial impacts of staff turnover, absenteeism and healthcare support.

We partner with organizations to create an individualised plan to create a culture of high performance and balance based on your business’ challenges, goals and priorities. 

Change and culture shift takes time, and we leverage the power of habit creation to transform how your employees operate both inside and outside of work.

This approach builds a healthy relationship with change without the overwhelm or lost momentum seen with many other programmes.

At Balanced Life, we live by the pillars of Mindset, Performance and Wellbeing.  These form the foundational habits and strategies taught on our programmes aimed to give teams and employees a well rounded outcome that is aligned to goals of both the business and the individual.

Team Meeting

Our Process

How we make it unique to you

How are businesses adapting to retain a productive and engaged workforce and not suffer the financial consequences associated with higher sick leave, absenteeism, staff turnover, lower productivity and occupational health support?

Talk to us today about how you can help improve the quality of life for your employees and the bottom line for your organisation.

Between December 2020 and July 2021, employees reported a 21% increase in burnout and 17% increase in physical symptoms of stress like muscle tension and fatigue, as well as added work-life balance challenges and overall job stress, according to a survey by the digital wellness company meQuilibrium.

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The ultimate result is to create an organisation or team that is engaged, efficient, meeting the ever-changing need of the organisation, while still being able to find time for their families and lives.

By putting wellbeing and performance at the centre of your organisation you will see a reduction in presenteeism, increase employee engagement, increased staff turnover, reduced leave for illness and reduction in your operating costs as the organisation grows. 

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Quotes from research and discovery on wellbeing, performance and work/life balance

"I'd quite like to be able to take a week or 2-weeks leave without having to work until 2am for the previous week in order to get everything done, so I'm not dumping it on my colleagues while I'm out of the office."

If this sounds like your organisation then talk to us today about how you can help improve the quality of life for your employees and the bottom line for your organisation.

Our Commitment to the world!

As well as our commitment to help people achieve the life they deserve, we are also committee to making an impact on the world

Therefore, for everyone that joins a programme we will be planting a tree to ensure the planet continues to sustain us and support us as we live the lives we deserve

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