Where High Performance meets Life Balance & Wellbeing

Harnessing the power of habits and culture change to transform the lives of individuals and teams.

The challenges of a fast paced, ever changing work environment are clear to see, but often the initial excitement and progress makes us want more and commit to long hours and forgoing a life outside of work.

However, this unsustainable practice leads to burnout, stress, and the feelings of overwhelm.

Through our High-Performance and Balance programs, we work with you or your organisation to sustainably achieve high performance and a life outside of work, while giving you a positive VOI.

Talk to us today about how you can help improve the quality of life for your employees in your organisation or for you.

Our Services

Life by Design -Performance and Balance for Individuals

6-month coaching programmes focused on helping individuals at a pivotal point in their life and career.  This can be focusing on increasing performance to achieve that career they deserve, or rediscovering the life they only dare to dream on.


High Performing and Balanced Teams

6 and 12-month programmes designed to implement a culture of high performance and balance to enable your organisations thrive while supporting the wellbeing of your employees.

"consistently impressed with his ability to focus on the big picture needs of the business, while also understanding and relating that to the small every day needs of his day to day customer. He always approaches projects with creative and forward-thinking solutions that help to create a more robust and scalable business. He is an asset to any company or team he is with and it has been my privilege to work with him."

Lisa O. Senior Director of Regulatory

Leveraging the Power of Mindset & Habits

We focus on building mental mastery like you've never known you could develop, and building habits that serve you and breaking ones slowing down your path to success.


Using a proven scientific methodology, you establish your "design" to achieve a desired outcome and then develop ritualized behaviours necessary to realize your goals.

A journey of self-mastery, goal setting, behavioural modification and intention.

We help you create the habits of high performance and balance and give you the ability to build the life you dream of.

Person working outside

An Introduction to Balanced Life

Jeremy spoke at the Global CIO Institute event at Oxford University and provided an overview of the inception of Balanced Life, the challenges to modern teams and individuals and how to achieve a High-Performing and Balanced for you or your team

The 5 Steps to High Performance and Balance

Watch Jeremy, our Founder, introduce you to the 5 steps to achieving a High-Performing and Balanced Life.

"Before the pandemic, I used to feel like my evening were for getting ahead of the game and now I have to work the evenings just to stay afloat, just to keep my head above the water"

- What is Work/Life Balance in the words of a client

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Welcome to a Balanced Life

Discovery your Balance Q Performance Score

Everyone talks about IQ and EQ; we talk about BQ

BQ, or BalancedQ, is your Balance Quotient - the ability to achieve High-Performance and Balance in life, both personal and professional.

Take the Scorecard and see how you measure up on the path to a high-performing and balanced life.

3.5 Steps to 31% Higher Productivity & an Anti Burnout Culture - Webinar

How to Improve Productivity and Employee Loyalty in the Peak of Burnout Culture.

What burnout really is, why it occurs, how you can avoid it and build an anti-burnout culture and become the 'employer of choice' by implementing 3.5 simple steps.

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I believe when you’re feeling great, focused and working on things that inspire you and align to your passion, you will have an abundance of time and energy, you’ll look forward to work and get where you want to be in life!

Jeremy Cooper, Founder

Talk to us today about how you can help improve the quality of life for your employees in your organisation or for you.

Our Commitment

to the world!

As well as our commitment to help people achieve the life they deserve, we are also committee to making an impact on the world

Therefore, for everyone that joins a programme we will be planting a tree to ensure the planet continues to sustain us and support us as we live the lives we deserve

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