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I’m done with IT!

Learning, oops typo 😊 I’m done with IT learning! Hey there, I hope you've had a great weekend so far and ready to smash the new week! It’s always interesting to use a click bait or intriguing title to an email to improve the opening rate and hopefully the engagement. I’ll have to check my stats later this week Here’s my thinking Over the year I’ve completed numerous IT training course and qualification like MCSE, ITIL, BCS in architecture … and this was an amazing base for me to excel, however, continuing to complete this sort of training provides little value now and actually can impact team dynamics.  For example, how will my Service Management lead feel if I, as a leader, continue to complete ITIL training.  What is the value if it’s their role? Do I not trust them? Are they not empowered to make the decisions? I need to be aware of concepts and market trends but not the details otherwise I might as well do it myself Therefore, I have focused on the skills that will support me in my current role and future endeavours.  Working on IT Hive Mind has been life changing in so many ways and the skills I’ve learnt have had a similar effect. Through this process (so far) I’ve been educating myself on mindset, finances and wealth, productivity, decision making, leadership, and the list could go on. Hopefully, over the coming weeks and months you’ll start to see those insights coming out What I’d like to focus on though is marketing and social media.  To get the brand and ideas out there I’ve really had to focus and learn a lot regarding the technical side - website, email lists, landing pages …. then the engagement side – polarising an audience, triggers (click bait, intrigue), social content, then how to sell, this bit’s still an idea in progress however the concept of building up demand for a product, getting people excited etc. Not relatable to my current job? You’d be surprise that it absolutely is. We’re close to launching ServiceNow as our new service management platform and during the project I’ve had to use leadership, communication, planning skills as you’d expect.  However, we’ve also been able to run marketing campaigns via email, web presence and video content.  This has helped engage the audience with calls to action and excitement for the launch Without IT Hive Mind I would not have been aware of any of this So, my recommendation to you is to go learn about something you’re passionate about and see how the new perspective and way of thinking has a significant impact on your delivery and success at work New skills make you different, marketable and Top of mind is tip of tongue! Also, my kids now think I’m the most amazing person on earth as I cloned myself (see video) and also learnt to use the force, with some simple video editing tricks So, even if the skill isn’t of value to work immediately it can have a profound effect on your personal life If you liked this newsletter, please share and let you friends and colleagues know about it as I’d love to help more people!


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