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Path to promotion - Part 1

This feels an appropriate topic as we’re well into the second half of the year and many people will start to think about End of year promotion and how to get the one you deserve, especially if you’ve been overlooked before. Here is the start of a series to help you get well on the path to promotion and many of these processes have served me well in the past as well as many other people I spoken to. IT’s also some of the key things I look for in my teams when I’m assessing where they are

Part 1 – How to operate

Be exceptional!

This is by far the most important one of all. Be exceptional, you need to be the best person in the room/team, deliver well, hit every metric that you’ve been asked to and be an example to others

Use the be visible tips, it’s not just your boss who promotes you

Always great to reuse some content, so go back and review the previous newsletters or click the link below to access the archive. You need to be visible within your organisation to ensure that you have support of more than just your boss when you’re in line for a promotion or trying to get into the line. If people don’t know what you do all day, or the great successes, then why would they agree to your promotion. A lot of people think that just your manager who decides if you’re promoted or not and that is way off. The same goes for pay increases also 😉

Go one step further than you need to

Very closely tied to being exceptional and that’s doing more than that was asked of you. For example, if you’re told to find £50k savings in the budget then aim to get £60k, if the SLA is 95%, shoot for 93% as all these little things build up. Also, it shows that you’re not playing the system as you’re going past what is required of you. However, don’t make a big thing out of it, just note target and actual so it’s clear your surpassed it e.g.

Departmental cost savings

Target = £50,000

Actual = £60,000

Achieved 120% of target


Everyone wants a team player and especially as you might be getting close to a leadership position. Too often you will see as other members of your team as competitors for promotions, new roles etc. However, make sure you help them to be successful, this will be seen and means any success they had was with your support and you might get the help back when you need it

I hope you like the way that I’m breaking these topics down into a series as it’s for a specific reason. Often in the past I have read 20 tips for X, or 99 ways to ….., and the challenge is that there are too many things listed that you either try to implement all at once and don’t do a great job at it, or you get overwhelmed by the amount of them that you just give up and don’t do ANY.

So, take these tips and start to implement the habits this week and then slowly add the new ones in as they come. This will reduce overwhelm and allow you to build them into your daily/weekly/monthly routine

Next week I’ll start to talk about the research you need to do

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