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Getting noticed at work, the finale - Part 3

Final part I promise on this topic 😊 I really hope you’ve implemented some of the steps from part 1 and 2, and if you have, I’d love to hear your success stories, a-ha moments or feedback. If this is your first newsletter, please go checkout the archive at

This week the focus is on your mindset to get noticed, you’ll find most of this is about developing yourself as a person, however, people notice change a lot more than they notice status quo. If you are positivity developing it will stand out to people and then so will you. In addition, with mindset comes confidence which in turn helps your communication (part 1) and delivery, can you guess what next weeks newsletter is all about? 😊

Step 3 - Delivery

The final part is on delivery and the key is delivery of value not just hours in the office. Spending time in the office is great as you’re literally seen but you’re also then the person willing to work late. You’re much better to be the person who gets sh*t done in a fast, efficient and accurate way, and has a life. When you’re known as this, people will give you high value work to get done which gets you experience and that all-important exposure at the right levels

Offer to take on new projects

Now this one you must be careful with as it’s easy to get overwhelmed and deliver nothing, remember about multi-tasking. However, offering to take on a new project is an excellent way to demonstrate your skills, engage with more people and get the right exposure. Something also to do is communicate about the project, the success and benefits, I think in IT we often shy away from this which could be the high level of introverts or that you’re so busy you don’t always get the time to breath, this is a key part to being spotted

Step outside your department

People often spend the whole time focused on the delivery of their set piece of work or responsibility that they lose the context of the broader department or the business. It’s crucial to spend time with people, and especially leaders, outside your specific area to gain that context but also show your skills and insight to a new audience. Additionally, once you have this insight you can use it in your role to show you’re operating at a higher level of awareness than many others

Simple solutions

When delivering it’s often temping to make the most amazing and complex solutions to show how clever you are. Please don’t, it isn’t worth it and drives others crazy. Simple ideas, delivered well are the most fantastic things as they are fast to implement, easy to get people on board with and show you’re a person that delivers. A big complex solution is often never adopted and wastes so much time

Search for opportunities for improvement

Be known as the solution person also extends to being proactive. When you find an inefficient process then look at it, understand why the process is the way it is, and then provide a solution. You see a lot of tickets coming in for the same issue, start a problem ticket, discuss with the right people and then get it fixed. These are great things to do for the customer, your team and also your exposure as you are making everyone’s life easier or better. Remember to come with a solution and not just to complain about a problem and as noted before, take ownership!

We are focusing on a lot of problem management at work at present and it’s making fantastic progress and getting exposure for the team with other groups and the success is being reported up to management

I hope you’re found this mini-series beneficial and as I said I’d love to hear any feedback

One final, bonus tip is about training and learning. Often people feel they must know 100% of a topic before being involved or they have to be the expert. What you need to realise that is you just need you know more than other and to know where to get information from. This means you can learn the basics of a lot of things which allows you to get involved in project and then you can deep dive into the details as needed.

Probably not a real quote but I like it – when asked how he was able to teach at a school without being discovered, he responded, “All I had to do was read one chapter ahead of the students “ from the film Catch me if you can, based on the true story of Frank Abagnale, Jr. the conman and imposter

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