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IT Professionals, You can transform your life

Remove the burnout and stress.
Double your income.
Halve your workload.


Take the High Performance Scorecard and see how close you are to High Performance and Balance

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The 5 Steps to High Performance and Balance

  1. Understand your why (values, vision and mission)

  2. Set work and personal goals, then break them into steps

  3. Work on high performance and efficiency of work

  4. Create a routine that supports you physically and mentally

  5. Get a hobby/interest, do what you love to do

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Personal Performance and Balance


High Performing and balanced Teams


I believe when you’re feeling great, focused and working on things that inspire you and align to your passion, you will have an abundance of time and energy, you’ll look forward to work and get where you want to be in life!

Jeremy Cooper, Founder

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Lisa O. Senior Director of Regulatory

"Jeremy has shown himself to be a very customer focused, bright and hardworking individual with a sense of humor that can make any difficult project into an enjoyable one. As a customer of Jeremy’s I have be consistently impressed with his ability to focus on the big picture needs of the business, while also understanding and relating that to the small every day needs of his day to day customer. He always approaches projects with creative and forward thinking solutions that help to create a more robust and scalable business. He is an asset to any company or team he is with and it has been my privilege to work with him."

Avatar 100

Tara M. IT Director

"Jeremy listens free of judgement and helps you unpack your thoughts and emotions. He provides open questioning when things seem too overwhelming to think through on your own. He is down to earth and has a good understanding of politics in a work place. He is energetic and driven by a passion to help people. He uses he own experiences to empathises with you and gives good, practical, down to earth guidance that can be put into practise. The sessions I have attended have been structured with a good agenda that ensures we stay on track and we get the most out of the time we have."

Avatar 99

Lee B. Oracle Architect

"This eBook is a fantastic read and filled with some great advice and simple to action methods. I have been so impressed that I am recommending it to some of my business clients within global corporate organisations to help them drive their careers forward. I definitely think this is an essential read for anyone wishing to progess."

Our Commitment to the world!

As well as our commitment to help people achieve the life they deserve, we are also committee to making an impact on the world

Therefore, for everyone that joins a program we will be planting a tree to ensure the planet continues to sustain us and support us as we live the lives we deserve

Planting a Tree
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