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Do something uncomfortable

I love this quote and it often helps me remember why I push myself

“A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there”

This is so true, and I must ask, how much do you push yourself and your boundaries at work or in life?  I had a great skip level meeting with one of the team the other day and we got talking about roller coasters and people’s fear of them.  I must say I’m not super keen but it’s strange because you’re scare, however, you know that the roller coaster is full tested, you’re less likely to get hurt on a roller coaster than driving a car (unchecked fact but MUST be true 😊 )

People often avoid something they perceive as scary like doing a Facebook live or lifting a heavy weight but if you don’t stretch yourself you stop growing and eventually you get used to the status quo and you just go along for the ride.  I’ve seen this is quite a few people during my IT career and it baffles me

It’s important to do something uncomfortable on a regular basis, it shouldn’t be continuously as you’ll just melt with stress but often enough, so it becomes a habit.  This can be something like a Facebook live.  A live helps to develop resilience in a number of ways

  1. You’re practicing presenting skills without having to be on stage with hundreds of people

  2. You’ll realise you don’t need to be so polished as the people that care are interested in the content not the delivery, anyone who has issue with the delivery isn’t’ work worrying about as they likely have their own issues

  3. You get a great rush after completing

  4. People can like or comment during the live and this can be off-putting but that helps with focus and again the presentation skills

Let uncomfortable become your norm where you’re comfortable enough to try new things knowing that you can’t fail, you can only learn

If you’re in the Facebook group give it a go within a safe space, if you’re not in the Facebook group then get in there (link below) or just go live on Instagram or Facebook.  You will see a huge change in yourself

Then the world is your oyster, how had is a job interview when you’ve been live to hundreds of people of Facebook?!

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